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10 Ways to Manage Your Child’s Screen Time

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More and more parents are reaching out to me for support in managing their child’s electronic use. More so than generations before, young people’s worlds revolve around their electronics. Electronics are integral parts of the social lives. Even schools are beginning to rely more on the internet to do academic management. In this world where electronics are a necessary part of life, how do you create healthy boundaries around its use? Read on for some concrete tips. Continue reading “10 Ways to Manage Your Child’s Screen Time”

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Prevent Cell Phone Addiction with These 5 Tips

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Recently, more and more parents are reaching out to me because their teen struggles with cell phone “addiction”. Sometimes the parents are describing unhealthy habits that haven’t developed into a destructive “addiction”. However, all parents who have children struggling with their electronics use can benefit from these five tips. Continue reading “Prevent Cell Phone Addiction with These 5 Tips”

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Does My Child Have an Electronics Addiction?

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In the past seven years or so, I’ve seen a noticeable increase in teens and emerging adults with unhealthy relationships with their electronics. They’re relying on their cell phone, the internet and social media, or video/computer games in a concerning way. In such a technology-driven world, it can be difficult to know if the behavior is normative or a legitimate cause for concern… Could it really be an electronics addiction?

How do you know if your child has a problem?

Continue reading “Does My Child Have an Electronics Addiction?”

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Have A Healthier Relationship with Technology

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It seems more and more frequently people are viewing technology as a double-edged sword. People find all kinds of wonderful things with technology’s help: spouses, communities, recipes, books, “life hacks”, meditation apps, therapists. The world is at our fingertips!

On the flipside, we see teens on their phones for over six hours a day and 50% of those teens feeling addicted to their phones (according to a recent report from Common Sense Media). We see the average American checking their phone 46 times per day, a 39% increase from the year prior (according to a 2015 study by Deloitte). And it’s not just the sheer amount of unproductive time we’re spending on our devices, there’s real mental health implications. A study by the University of Pittsburgh linked social media use to increased depression and anxiety. Continue reading “Have A Healthier Relationship with Technology”