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5 Research-Backed Ways to Manage Stress

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Life is stressful. Unfortunately, there’s no way around that fact of life. As much as you’d like to, you can’t control stressful situations, but you can definitely control how you cope with the stressors. By finding healthy ways to manage stress, you can prevent negative consequences of stress, like depression and cardiovascular disease.

But we all know that everyone is different, so how you choose to manage your stress will be unique to you. Here are five healthy, research-informed ways to help reduce stress. Not all five things may float your boat, so choose what works best for you. Continue reading “5 Research-Backed Ways to Manage Stress”


Why You’re a Perfectionist (And How to Handle It)

The American Psychological Association recently published research indicating that perfectionism in our young people (e.g., adolescents, emerging adults) is on the rise. This doesn’t surprise me at all, as I’ve worked with numerous teens and emerging adults struggling with perfectionism. It seems to be especially prevalent in the high-achieving families and private schools in Los Angeles.

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Simple Emotion Regulation Skills to Help You Build Resilience

Adolescence and emerging adulthood are stressful developmental periods, full of intense emotions (positive and negative!). Luckily, there are emotion regulation tools to increase emotional resilience and decrease vulnerability to future unpleasant emotions.

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3 Simple Tips to Conquer Phone Anxiety

More than ever, it seems like people are anxious about talking to people over the phone. When I was the director of an independent living program, I saw numerous residents become overwhelmed by anxiety when prompted to call someone. My clients in private practice also often report that same feeling of dread, preferring to email or text. Continue reading “3 Simple Tips to Conquer Phone Anxiety”